Admissions 2016

... registration open until July 2016

Beginning with the 2016-2017 academic year, registration is open for degree courses listed in the educational offer.
You can register every day of the year, eCampus is always open and always ready for its students.

The enrolment procedure

The registration procedure is completed when the Student Administrative Office will be in receipt of:

  • a signed copy of the Contract with the Student;
  • the signed enrollment application form and the revenue stamp worth €16,00;
  • a copy of high school diploma (12-year educational cycle);
  • a copy of payment receipt of tuition-fee;
  • a signed copy of a current identity document (identity card or passport), including document number, date and place of issue;
  • two recent and identical passport size photos, both signed on the back, one of which to be glued on the enrollment application form;

For any information or clarifications, you can:

  • Request free information by clicking here.
  • Contact the Student Administrative Office at the following telephone numbers 00 381 11 655 7502;
  • Send an e-mail to;